Beauty at your place

A cement tea light candle holder studded with quartz. This is a quick DIY best suited for home decor or for meditation.

You need
1) Craft cement, here I worked with Little Birdie Craft cement from Itsy Bitsy.
2) Ziplock pouch
3) Some tape
4) Mixing Cup and sticks
5) I have used quartz points and quartz mini crystals

6) Water to mix with cement
7) Shimmer gold acrylic paint (you can use any color)
8) Sandpaper to sand the side

Here goes the process, Mix the craft cement and water and stir until smooth, now pour the mixture into the pouch, ziplock it on a leveled surface, put a candle on top, and tape the candle so that it doesn’t move. Let it cure, sand the sides after removing the plastic, paint, and decorate.
Few things to look for, tapping the mix once mixed smoothly will help to release the bubbles, it needs an ample amount of time to cure. Once the cement mix is dry and hard remove the plastic and sides are sanded, spray some water twice a day repeat it for a day or two.