Shalini Taman, <em>Founder</em>
Shalini Taman, Founder

A marketing manager by profession and a blogger by choice. The writing was my school day’s favorite pastime but I realized it is my passion after decades. There is so much to share with you all. Life is too short but the lessons it gives us each day are for ages. Here you will get real-life experiences from passionate ladies to give more and more love, happiness, and smiles to the wonderful audience out there.

Rashmika Sinha, <em>Co-Founder</em>
Rashmika Sinha, Co-Founder

A dentist by profession and an artist by choice

Sudarsana Borah
Sudarsana Borah

An HR by profession and a photographer by choice.

Tanushree Shrivastava
Tanushree Shrivastava

A software engineer by profession and an artist by choice or an engineer trapped in an artist’s body, self-taught resin, and fluid artist. 
This journey of art started two years back again and I have been painting since then, I have always been very fascinated by the flow of colors and how colors interact with each other and creates the patterns which drew me towards fluid art, and as I continued exploring the art through this medium my love for art continued to grow.  
The love of nature fascinates me particularly outer space and seascapes, and can be seen in my work, the tranquility from these sources inflames the energy within me.